Some SUCCESS stories...

  • I started my career at Ruffolo’s as a front desk specialist while I was in beauty school and then started my associate program under, Alex Zwiefka. She taught me so much and I am grateful for being able to work as her associate. I’m approaching my 4th year at Rufffolo’s and am now a level 3 stylist and have also since gone back to school receiving my education certification so that I can teach and guide other beauty students in this awesome craft. I have had countless opportunities to travel and continue my education with some of the best in the business while being at Ruffolo’s and I have so many aspirations to continue to grow with this amazing company and my career! I work with the most talented individuals and I am so blessed to be a part of this team that continues to push me to learn and grow! -Chelsea

  • I graduated from the Salon Professional Academy in April 2019. After graduation, I continued my education at Ruffolo’s doing an associate program. I finished my program in November 2019 & shortly after started on my own to build my clientele & myself towards level jumping. Normally a level jump right out of beauty school usually takes around a year each level, whereas I focused and did each in about 3 months time. Since November, I have jumped 2 levels & I am currently a level 2 stylist! I continue to grow myself thru education in and out of the salon. -Libby

  • I Started working at Ruffolo's as a junior in High School. What I thought would just be a part time job has turned into a fulfilling career. I get to work with people I enjoy seeing each day while feeding into my passion of becoming a successful stylist. I graduated from TSPA in 2019 and am currently a level 1. When I started my career at Ruffolo's, I was a shy 16 year old girl  but the continued exposure to such a positive work environment has doubled not only my self esteem but also my ambition to get where I am today and where I plan to be in the future!     - Alex D


  • Hey everyone, I’m Jaimie! I am a 2011 graduate from TSPA and started at Ruffolo’s shortly after. Fast forward to 2020, I am now a Level 5 Stylist, Ruffolo’s Bridal Coordinator, and a training stylist where I get the opportunity to mentor new associates. I also became a new mom this past year, so being able to balance a career and a family have truly been an amazing experience. I’m so happy to be a part of the Ruffolo’s team and I look forward to all of the exciting things ahead! -Jaimie

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About the Associate Program

At Ruffolo’s Salon & Spa, we hold an associates program, which is a hands on experience that provides training for each cosmetology graduate. Technical skills, guest handling, and business building are the subjects of our focus.  During this program, each associates works along side one or more service providers to maximize their experience within our salon. With each 6-9 month long program, it has levels of performance based growth. We ensure that each level is committed to graduate the associate with ease and skills into becoming a career hairdresser. We are in continuous search for passionate cosmetology graduates willing to be trained and coached by on of our training stylists to lead with success in our industry.


Benefits of our Salon:


  • Associate training program

  • Direct deposit

  • Discounted color services

  • Vacation benefits

  • Education benefits

  • In house education

  • Mentoring & Coaching

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Retail Commission Bonus

  • growing salon environment

  • 50% Paid Gym Membership

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